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We must have been in the woods for a while because I smelled someone coming but it smells like there are two of them

"Niall turn human, I smell people coming" I said to a wolf Niall

He turned human just when the people got close

Then my ears picked up two females voices and I know who they are

I got up leaving a confused Niall on the ground

I patted my leg so Niall can come

Niall got up and came by me

He grabbed my hand and I gave it a small squeeze to tell him it's okay

I push back the branch to see two of my best wolf/hybrid friends standing there

"Ivy! Indra!" I screamed

"Jinxx!!!" They screamed back while running towards me

I hugged them until Ivy noticed Niall

"And who might you be sugar" asked Ivy

"Niall" he said

"Well sweetie, am Ivy and this here is Indra" Ivy said while pointing to Indra

"Hello sweetie" said Indra

"Hello" Niall said shyly

"Aww he's shy" said Ivy

"Niall hun, no need to be shy around us" said Indra

"Okay" Niall said

"I see you are one of us" said Ivy

"Yes" he said

"He turned into his wolf form for the first time today" I said

"You did, good for you, now he be hunting like us" Indra said

"Ya he will, but he needs practice first" I said

"Of course, of course" said Ivy

Just when I was going to speak a hawk came swooping down at us and a white fox came running towards us

"Niall come!" I yelled at him

"Ivy! Indra! try taking down the hawk" I yelled

"Ni stay with me, don't want you away from me" I yelled

"Okay" he said

"Aimlee run!" yelled the hawk

"But Phoenix!" yelled the white fox

All four of us stopped what we were doing and looked at the two

"You two are hybrids also" I asked

"Yes names Aimlee and I am a Arctic fox hybrid" said Aimlee now in her humen form

"Names Phoenix and as you can see I was the hawk hybrid" Phoenix said also in her humen form

"Why did you try to attack us" Indra demanded

"Indra!!" I yelled

"Sorry" Indra said

"Sorry girls" I said to Aimlee and Phoenix

"That's alright" said Aimlee

"So what were you two running from" asked Niall

"You should know Niall" said Phoenix

All of a sudden Niall started freaking out

"Niall calm down sweetie" I asked

All Niall did was whimpered

"Nice going Phoenix, you made him remember all the bad stuff that happened to him back at the lab" yelled Aimlee

"I didn’t mean to, I thought he would remember us by me bringing I up "them" said Phoenix

"Girls calm down please, for Niall’s sake" said Ivy

"Ya you two are making it worse" yelled Indra

On the other hand, I was holding Niall, trying to calm him down

I smelt something but I didn't bother on that, all I was trying to get Ni to calm down

"Sh, sh, sh" I said while petting his ears

Niall gotten closer to me

I put Niall's head in my lap to calm him

"Jinxx" I heard Ivy say

"Ya" I said

"Do you smell something" asked Ivy

"Like what" I said

"Like someone or an animal gone into their heat" she said

"Ya I smelt it earlier while I was calming Niall dow...." I stopped speaking and looked at Niall

"Niall" I asked

"Ya Jinxx" he said

"Are you in heat" I asked

"Yes" he said looking down

"When did your heat start" I asked

"Today it started but it didn’t start til i was freaking out a moment ago, sorry about that ladies" NIall said

"It's okay sweetie, everyone have their moments" said Indra

"Niall, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to bring up what happen back at that evil place" Phoenix said

"It's okay Phoenix" said Niall

"May I ask something" I asked

"Sure go ahead" said Aimlee

"Niall why didn't you tell me about the girls but only the other hybrids" I asked

"Well, umm" Niall started

"He didn't know us that well, we were new there and he was so close to the 4 boys that are or maybe were there, plus they kept us apart so none of the boys wouldn't go in heat and mate with one of us" said Phoenix

"But we heard so much about you Niall and also the other boys, because the female doctors would talk about you 5 a lot" added Aimlee

"I heard we were getting two new experiments all I thought they would be male not female" said Niall

"How long does your heat last" I asked

"Not sure, this is the 1st time I got it" said Niall

"Our heat sometimes goes on for a week to a month" said Aimlee

"Cause when I went into mine it lasted a month but for a male hybrid could be a week" Aimlee added

"Thank you Aimlee" I said

"Umm Jinxx" said Niall

"Ya sweetie" I said

"Your eyes are turning black" said Ni

"Do you need to feed" Niall whispered

"Yes but I be fine” I said

"No, last time you didn't feed, you almost went crazy, now here, feed from me" Niall said while holding up his arm

"Ni, no am not drinking from you, what if I don't stop and drain you" I said

"We will make sure you don't" said Aimlee

"You know, what I am" I asked

"I don't know you personally, but I know your half wolf and half vampire" said Aimlee

"What I am saying is, I smelt your wolf side while I was running but when I got close, your wolf side vanished and I smelt like death coming off you" Aimlee added

"Wow she's good, I like her" I heard Ivy and Indra yell

"Jinxx please drink before bloodlust hits you" I heard Phoenix say

"Aright but girls if you see Ni looking pale pull me away ASAP" I said

"Alright" I heard all four girls say

I looked at Ni and looked scared

"You okay with me, you know" I said pointing to his arm

"Yes" he said while putting his arm to my mouth
Lone wolf (niall horan/1D wolf hybrid) chapter 3
hope you like

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song I listened while typing/editing

Tomorrow never dies- 5 seconds of summer

Wings- Little Mix

Cat Food- Hatsune Miku

Weekender Girl- Hatsune Miku

Game Addicts Sprechor- Hatsune Mike

Like the Wind- Kagamine Rin

also on my wattpad…
"Hey you" Someone said

I turned to the person

"Yeah" I asked

"Did you see someone with green eyes, curlie hair and tall" they asked

"I only saw a mop of curlie hair, but I have no clue which way they went" I said

"Damn, Harry got away again, fucking cat hybrid" said the person

"Thanks anyways" he added

"No problem" I said

So many questions went into my mind

Why was he wearing a lab coat?

Why didn't he questioned my eyes

Why is he after a cat hybrid named Harry?

And much more questions ran through my mind

I decided to just push them away

I kept on walking til I got home

When I got home, Niall and I sat down to watched a scary movie on Netflix

Halfway through Niall fell asleep with his head on my lap, I couldn't help but run my hands through this hair til I was scratching this ears

I saw his tail wagging, so he must of like it or he is dreaming about something

Then his tail stopped wagging and he was whimpering, mumbling something

"P...P...Please don't" Niall mumbled

"NOOO" Niall screamed

"Niall, sweetie please wake up" I said

He kept on whimpering

"Niall wake up please" I said

"AHHHHH" Niall screamed while waking up

"Niall, Niall it's okay" I said while hugging him

"It was just a bad dream Ni" I said hugging the sobbing boy

"But it wasn't, it actually happened" Niall sobbed

"What actually happened to you before I found you" I asked

"I was beaten a lot but the bruises and cuts healed fast, when they healed they did it again, when I say they the mean people in lab coats. They hurt me for a while, until i decided to run away without them knowing, but they probably know now that I am not at the lab" Niall said

"Where there others like you" I asked

"Yes, there are well there was 5 of us before I left" Ni said

"One was a snow leopard, his name is Harry, Liam is park bear, Louis, he is vet funny and always had us laughing, he is part lemur, Zayn was quiet but we got him out of his shell, he is part red panda" Niall said

"Does Harry have a mop of curlie hair" I asked

"Yes he does why" Ni said

"Umm, I saw him earlier but he ran off when I got close to him, and I know why" I said

"He was running away from a person in a lab coat" I added

"Jinxx they are going to take me away from you, they are going to hurt me but worse than before" Ni ranted

"Ni, Ni, Niall calm down they won't take you away from me because if they do they do they be dead in second, your hear" I said

He nodded and cuddled up to me

I looked at the clock and saw it was late

"Hey Ni, let's go to bed" I said

"Okay" he said getting up

We both went upstairs to our rooms

I look at a photo of myself with my two friends Ivy and Indra

That day I won't forget, we went to the beach with the rest of the pack

I was knocked out of my little flashback by a whimper

I looked up and saw Niall with tears in his eyes

"Your nightmare again Ni" I asked

"No, well yeah but I am scared though" he said

"About them coming back" I asked knowing the answer

Niall nodded

I patted my bed for him to come cuddle

He ran and jumped into bed while cuddling up to me

I started petting his ears until I heard him snore

I decided to go to sleep also

In the morning I heard scratching at the door

II sat up in my bed to see if the scratching was inside

I didn't hear anything so I went back to bed, but I heard the scratching again

I sat up and there at my bedroom door was a white wolf, but not just a white wolf it was Niall in his full wolf form

"Niall" I asked his wolf form

"Jinxx what's going on" said wolf Niall

"Ni relax, this happened to me also, you just gang your wolf shifting power" I told Ni

"Just think of being human again" I added

I watched Ni turned back into his human form, thank god when we go wolf and then back to our human form our clothes stay on

"That was a little scary" Ni said

"Did you ever turn into your wolf form" I asked

"No, that was the first time I turned" he said

'It's okay that happened to me once" I said

"You must of dreamt of something to trigger your wolf side to come out" I added

"I dreamt, i was running in the woods with you, but you were a wolf while I wasn't" Niall said blushing

"So your dream triggered it then" I said

"I believe so" Ni said

'Alright then, let's go eat and then I will take you to the woods where I feed" I said while walking out of my room

I walked into the kitchen and started to get everything out to make pancakes

I was mixing the pancake batter when I felt someone arms go around my waist and I knew it was Niall  cause I can smell him

I am trying my best not to blush at the moment

"Hi Niall" I said

"Hi" he said in my ear

"Want to help make breakfast" I asked

"Sure" said Niall

Niall helped me finish making breakfast

After we ate, we changed into other clothes

I decided to take my car instead of using my vampire speed to the woods

After an hour we pulled up to the woods

we got out while I locked my car, then walked to the middle of the woods

"Alright I need you to turn into your wolf form please" I asked Niall

Niall nodded while he turned into his wolf form

I decided to turn into my wolf form so Niall isn't alone

"So how is it being a wolf" I mind linked Niall

"Good, feels weird being on all four legs but I will get used to it" Niall said back

"You are very pretty as a wolf Jinxx but you are beautiful in your hybrid/vampire/human form though" Niall added

"Thank Niall, if I was human I would be blushing" I said

I decided to turn into my hybrid form

I sat down on the floor and Niall come over to cuddle up with me
Lone wolf (niall horan/1D wolf hybrid) chapter 2

hope you like

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song I listened while typing/editing

Anmesia-5 seconds of summer

These Four Walls-Little Mix

also on my wattpad…



kitty (kelly)
United States
message me when u follow me cause i dnt kno who is following me

I am a new blogger u can watch my video on YouTube and then comment on it…

i have brown long hair, blue eyes, n glasses

computer, drawing, cosplaying etc

one direction, little mix, ed sheeran, emblem 3, fifth harmony,turisas, equilibruim, slipknot, metallica, AFI, blaqk audio, DOT DOT DOT, paramore, godsmack, good charlotte, green day, gym class heroes, sublime, from first to last, fall out boy, cradle of filth, coheed and cambria, blink-182, bull for my valentine, damone, hunterrevenge, hawthorne heights, 30 seconds to mars, jupiter blue, HIM, linkin park, my chemical romance, mad caddies, panic! at the disco, plus44, simple plan, system of a down, the offsprings, the cure, sum 41, red hot chili peppers, red jumpsuit apparatus, tokio hotel, the beatles, dot dot dot, tegan and sara, the killers, avenged sevenfold, P.O.D, Shiny Toy Guns, billy joel, david bowie, queen, Marilyn Manson, The Plain White T's, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Guns & Roses, All That Remains, Motley Crues, rage against the machine, freezepop, The Explosion, basshunter, Santana, Against Me!, superbus, Tenacious D, korn, Rise Against, The Fray, The Police, tiger army, Evanescence, ZZtops, 3 Days Grace, the used, rob zombie, boys like girls, tim armstrong, Quietdrive, Cartel, Yura Yura, hellogoodbye, flyleaf, Macabre, dragonforce, hex girls

Movies and tv shows:
the nightmare before christmas, sleepy hallow, all part of halloween, freddy cougar Televisionthe simpsons, naruto, tokyo mew mew, scooby doo, powerpuff girls, bleach, blood+, death note, inuyasha, shin chan, beyblade, wolf's rain, salior moon, full metal alchemist, pokemon, digmon, pucca

anime, horror etc

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