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I sanked my fangs into his arm
Lets say hell broke loose
All I heard was voices while I felt sparks
All of a sudden am on the ground in a ball
"Am so sorry" I kept saying over and over
"Jinxx, what happened" asked Ivy
"Ivy!!!" Niall growled
"Niall you felt it didn't you" asked Aimlee
"Yeah, I felt a spark" said Niall
"I believe you found your mate sweetie" said Indra
"Mate?" asked Niall
"Yes mate, you and Jinxx are mates" said Phoenix
"Lets take Jinxx home" said Ivy
I felt someone lift me up off the ground
Every step hurt so I kept on whimpering
"Sorry love" I heard Ni say before I blacked out
(Niall's P.O.V)
When Jinxx sanked her fangs into my arm, I kept on felling sparks.
Than as if an invisible force pushed Jinxx off of me. I watched her fall on the ground in a ball as if someone knocked her out.
I heard her sobbed sorry over and over. Everyone was freaking out but I heard Ivy asked Jinxx what happened which made me growl at her.
Then Aimlee, Indra, and Phoenix explained that Jinxx was my mate.
Irish said we should get Jinxx home so I picked her up and walked as fast as we can to the car, but every step hurt Jinxx and soon she passed out from the pain.
We arrived at the car, Indra and Ivy are in the front while Aimlee, Phoenix, Jinxx and I were in the back. The girls were silent but I know they are worried about Jinxx.
Once we got to Jinxx's house we ran in, after Ivy unlocked the door of course. I took Jinxx to her room. I lay her down and covered her up.
I sat down on the other side of the bed watching Jinxx
"Ni sweetie, lets fix your arm" I heard Indra say
All that's going on, I forgot about my arm
I heard Indra come back
"Here take these" she said handing me a pill and water
"This pill will help keep your heat down all day, so you wont be having you know a boner all day" Indra added while opening first aid kit
I took the pill while she put stuff on my bite wound from Jinxx
"That should do it" Indra said
"The girls and I are going to leave but don't worry, I left mine and Ivy's numbers down for you, if anything happens to Jinxx but I know she wont wake til morning" she added
"Okay, let me walk everyone out" I said while following Indra
Once at the front door, I opened it for the girls to walk out. When they left, I closed and locked the door. I ran upstairs to Jinxx room. I decided to lay down next to her.
I felt her cuddle up to me, then I let sleep take over me.
In the morning I felt someone scratching my ears, so am guessing its time for me to get up. I opened my eyes and saw Jinxx, my wolf side took over so i quickly hugged her tight.
"Ummm, Ni can't breath" she said
"Oops sorry" I said
"It's okay" she said
"Are you okay cause you dranked for me then you where on the ground in pain" I asked
"Am a bit sore but I be okay" Jinxx said
"I be back am going to make you some breakfast, so stay here" I told her
"Okay" she said
I went downstairs to make Jinxx food
After I finished I took the food upstairs
"Food is ready" I said
"Yay" said Jinxx
"Did you take the heat pills yet" Jinxx asked
"No, not yet" I said
"Okay go into the bathroom and look in the towel closet, they should be next to the first aid, if not look by the sink" said Jinxx
I followed what she said but I found the pills by the sink, just like she said
I took some and walked back by Jinxx
"Say how did you know they were by the sink" I asked
"Lucky guess" she said
"Indra told you didn't she" I said
"Ya she texted me, saying where they were" Jinxx laughed
"Okay now eat" I said
"Okay, but what about you" she asked
"Not really hungry" I said
"Okay" she said while eating the food
I watched her eat until she finished
I took the tray back downstairs
Once I was upstairs, I saw Jinxx staring into space
"Jinxx, you okay" I asked
She didn't say anything but her eyes changed to red then black, then back to red
"Jinxx do you need blood" I asked
Jinxx just sat there staring
I didn't know what to do so I decided to call Indra
N- Indra it's Niall
I-What's up sweetie
N-It's Jinxx
I-What's wrong
N-I don't know, I made her food, when I went downstairs to put the dishes in the sink,  Jinxx is just staring into space once I came back up and her eyes kept on changing.
I-What color
N-Red then black then back to red
I-She probably needs blood
N-I asked but she just staring
I-Where are you now
I-Go check on her
I walked into the room and Jinxx wasn't in bed
N-Umm Jinxx  isn't in her bed or room
I-Shit not again
N-What do you mean not again Indra
I-She did this before when she drank from a human but she was alot worse and she killed a lot of people
N-Where do you think she be
I-Either the forest or the next town over
N-Why the next town over
I-She killed people there
I-Don't worry Ni, the girls and I will go look for her
N-Okay, keep me updated
I-Will do
With that we hung up
I looked around the room and saw a book missing but the book that i tried reading
I felt something was wrong but shook it off
"Jinxx where are you" I asked myself
5 hours later joking it was only 2 hours later and Jinxx isn't back and no call from Indra
I couldn't take it anymore, so I decided to go out and find her myself
I left the house and started to walk down the street. I didn't know where am going but my heart is telling me the woods. So that's where I am going to look
I kept on walking til I caught a sense but couldn't put whose sense it belong to. I decided to follow it.  Once I got to the woods the sense got stronger, I followed til I got close.
I hid behind a tree so whoever the sense belong to doesn't see me. I looked around the tree to only see bright light. I looked closer and saw a black silhouette of someone, I see they have a book in their hands. I looked closer at the book and in my head the book looks familiar to me, then it clicked to me, that's Jinxx's book and that must be Jinxx.
"Jinxx" I yelled
The silhouette turned, but the person wasn't the Jinxx I know, this Jinxx was more demon like
"Niall get out of here" said demon Jinxx
"No, I want to help Jinxx" I yelled
"I SAID GO!!" yelled demon Jinxx
I couldn't get a word in because Jinxx used some kind of force to push me away
I tried getting close but there seems like a invisible force blocking me to get to Jinxx
"Jinxx" I mind linked her
"Jinxx can you hear me" I linked again
"Don't even bother you mutt" said a demon voice
"Let her go, let my mate go!!" I yelled
"She is mine now" said the demon
After that, I got mad, I didn't know what got to me, all I know that I am full wolf running towards Jinxx, well demon Jinxx
Lone wolf (niall horan/1D wolf hybrid) chapter 4
hope you like

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song I listened while typing/editing

Wings- Little Mix

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Black Magic- Little Mix

Amnesia- 5 Seconds of Summer

Little Things- One Direction

In The End- Black Veil Brides

Bo$$- Fifth Harmony

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kitty (kelly)
United States
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