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You been getting hate from fans ever since you started dating Harry. Even though you thought that all of it will blow over but no it gotten worse till one day Harry found you crying.
(Your P.O.V)
The hate has gotten worse since I started dating Harry, yes Harry Styles from One Direction. The thing is we been friends since we were babies and Harry finally gotten the guts to ask me out a bunch of time till he asked me to be his girlfriend.
The hate was just little cause I was just his friend. People saying that am ugly or a slut, but now it's worse then that, they are all saying that I should kill myself or I am just using him for money, which I am not. Some are nice to me but I know they hate me secretly.
Harry always tells me not to listen to any of them because they are jealous of me and I mean who wouldn't.
Anyways I am Y/N Y/L/N and I am dating Harry Styles of One Direction and I been getting a shit load of hate from his fans.
It was a sunny morning when I woke up alone because Harry had to go to a interview that was really early in the morning.
I did my morning routine which is just eating food then taking a shower then getting dress, and brushing my teeth.
I decided to go on some of my social media which I shouldn't but I did because I haven't been on there for awhile. While I was on Facebook I checked all of my notification, just tons of game request, people liking or commenting on photos and people adding me as a friend which I ignore half of them cause most of them are just haters. I logged out of Facebook, and logged into Twitter once logged in, there was a lot of notifications most of them are messages from fans but they were awful so I deleted them, I went over all the tweets from everyone mostly good ones but a lot when I mean a lot I mean it where hate. A couple caught my eye, and what they said broke my heart into many pieces.
directionerstyles y/T/N Your a bitch who is just using Harry ever since your two where kids.
Another one said.
harry_is_Mine2 y/T/N Why don't you kill yourself no one will miss you!!??!!?? 😡🔪🔪🔪🔫
There was tons more and they kept on coming. I heard the door opening, meaning Harry is home. I looked at the mirror and saw I been crying from all the hate I been reading. I logged out of Twitter and locked my phone right when Harry walked into the room.
"Hey kitten" Harry said
"Hi" I said while sniffing
"Babe you okay" he asked
"I don't know, why don't you ask your fans" I said almost in tears again
"Why should I ask them babe" he asked
"Harry, they been giving me hate, it wasn't this bad when we were friends but once you asked me out, it gotten worse" I cried
"Baby am so sorry, they are just jealous but it's getting out of hand" he said while taking his phone out
I saw he typing something but I don't what. I looked over his shoulder and saw he is on Twitter. I went to my phone and unlocked it and logged into my Twitter again. Once it was up I got tons of notifications but I ignore them but one that caught my eyes.
harry_Styles To everyone that sending hate to y/T/N isn't a Directioners, saying all those mean things to her isn't right, I came home and she was crying her eyes out and I don't like seeing my kitten sad.
I locked my phone and hugged/kissed Harry
"Thank you Haz" I said
"Your welcome kitten" he said while kissing my head
For the rest of the day, you two cuddle and watched movies
You have a crush on Niall since you were 16 but never had the guts to tell him
(Your P.O.V)
"Hey Y/N" I heard an Irish voice
I turned around and saw Niall, my crush since I was 16 walking up to me.
"Hey Niall, sup" I said
"Nothing, just wondering what you are doing Saturday night" he asked
"I am not doing anything that day, why" I asked
"There is a party, and everyone is talking about it" he said
"I haven't even heard there was a party Saturday cause no one talks to me or even likes me" I said
"Y/N, people like you, I talk to you everyday" he said
"You don't count, we been talking to each other since we were 5" I said with a laugh
"I know but what about Y/F/N" he said
"I haven't seen her since we were 16" I said
"So don't ya speak to her" he said
"Yea but we don't talk much cause she does live in the US now and we are 6 hours ahead of her, so if we did talk, it be either late there or late here" I said
Before Niall could talk the popular girl walked by
"Hey Niall, coming to the party Saturday" she asked
"Yea Y/N and I are going" he said with a smile
"Hahahaha this party is for cool people, Y/N doesn't have any cool in her, she's just a loser, Niall you are better off going with me instead of this loser" said P/G/N (popular girls name)
"No, I am going with Y/N, and she isn't a loser" said Niall
"Your lost" she said while walking away
"Tanks" I said
"Your welcome" he said
Skip to Saturday
(Still your P.O.V)
I was halfway done with my costume, when I got a text from Niall saying he on his way
I finished getting dressed when I heard the doorbell go off
I grabbed my purse and ran downstairs
I grabbed the candy bowl and opened the door to trick or treaters and Niall
"TRICK OR TREAT" they all yelled
I handed every one of them candy and they ran off to the next house
"What about me" Niall said
"You don't get any" I laughed
"Please" he said
"Fine" I said handing him a piece of candy
I yelled to Y/B/N (your brothers name) saying that I am leaving and he has to pass out candy
I heard him say okay and I shut the door and walked to Niall's car where he was waiting
I saw he went as werewolf while I went as little red riding hood, yea we decided to go theme this year
Once we got to the party which is just one of the rich kids at school place
We got out of the car and walked into the house and let me tell you, the party was big and I was wishing I was at home passing out candy or trick or treating.
I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder, when I looked over Niall was looking at me with worry in his eyes
"You okay" he said into my ear so I can hear
I shook my head up and down meaning yes but I know Niall saw right through me
"Let's get something to drink" I yelled over the music
Both Niall and I went into the kitchen where some people were getting their drinks
When one of the rich kids say Niall and I
"Hey Niall, and Y/N" said Jack
"Hey dude sick party" said Niall
"Thank, I need to tell both of you something" said Jack
"Yea what is it" I said
"It's Sammie" he said
"What about her" Niall said
"Ummm, she doesn't like Y/N, what so ever" Jack said
"Why is that, I never done anything to her" I said with a little hurt in my voice
"Well she told me, you took Niall for her" he said
"Hahahaha that's a lie, I never hung out with her, I been with Y/N since we were 5, you can say we stuck together forever" Niall said
"Alright, but watch out she is here somewhere and I know she'll be a slut she is and try to get into your pant dude" said Jack
"Well that sucks for her I be with Y/N all night, you know she isn't a party girl but she does love to dress up on Halloween, so I stay with her so she doesn't get to nervous" Niall explained
"Okay, well I see you two, later right" he said
"Okay see you later dude" Niall said
Jack walked off with his friends, leaving Niall and I alone
While we were getting our drinks, Sammie decided to show up
"Hey Niall!!!, Y/N" she said while rolling her eyes at me
"Umm hi," said Niall
I just rolled my eyes at her
"So Niall, want to go dance with me" she said while trying to look sexy
"Umm no thanks, am actually with someone" Niall said
"Who" she said while growing mad
"Y/N" he said very proudly
"Why her, she is a loser and really ugly, what is she suppose to be" she said with hatred in her voice
"Well because she is my best friend and I like her really much, I basically have the hugest crush on her since we were 16, and she isn't ugly or a loser and she is little red riding hood while I am her big bad wolf" Niall said
"You like this bitch, wow whatever I am out" she said while leaving
"Damn she is a bitch" Niall laughed while turning around to face me
"You okay" he asked
"Ummmm, just thinking" I said
"What's on your mind Y/N" he said
"Well ummmm, you said you had the biggest crush on me since we were 16" I said
"Yea, I have, what are you saying" Niall said with alittle hurt in his face
"Well I have to tell you something Niall, that will make you the happiest man ever" I said with a smile
"What is it Y/N, you are kind of scaring me" he said
"Niall, I have had the hugest crush on you also since we were 16, I was to scared to tell you cause I knew you wouldn't have one on me, so I push them awa..." I was cut off by Niall pressing his lips to me
When he pulled away, he had the biggest smile on his face and I know I to also have a big smile on my face
"How about we leave this party and go trick or treating" he said
"I would love that" I said while grabbing his hand and walking out of the party
We went back to my house to get two pillow cases
Let's just say that, this Halloween is the best out of them all, cause Niall confess he has a crush on me and I too told him that I liked him back.

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Liam keeps on having dirty dreams about Lou and when Liam wakes up he always has a raging boner to take care of. Every time Liam looks at Lou all he can remember is the dream of Lou screaming his name.
Lou on the other hand sees that Liam get hard whenever he looks at him so Lou makes a little game of tease Liam Payne
(Liam's P.O.V)
(Liam's Dream)
"Ooo Liam faster" moaned Louis
"As you wish Lou" I moaned back
I went faster hitting the bundle of nerves
"Am close Liam" moaned Lou
"Same" I moaned while reaching my high
Lou let out a moan while he came all over our stomachs, I reached my high and came inside him
I woke up with a start. Did I just have a wet dream about Lou, my friend, brother, band mate.
I looked down and saw my raging hard on and I knew that I did actually had a dirty dream about Lou.
I got up and walked to my bathroom before getting clothes to change into after my shower to get rid of my raging problem.
After I finished I got dressed and did the everyday morning routine, I left my room to go downstairs to get food.
I notice there was a note on the fridge from Narry saying that they are out with their family or friends and they won't be back till late, so that means I am here alone with Lou.
("Faster Liam" moaned Lou)
I shook my head to get rid of the dirty dream.
I decided to do something to get the dream out of my mind so I ate some food and went to the basement were we kept all of our video games and workout equipment.
I walked over to the equipment and started on the treadmill, I started slow but picked up the speed.
I was in the zone (auto zone, sorry had to) I didn't notice that Lou was downstairs playing his Fifa.
(Ooo Liam faster" moaned Louis)
("As you wish Lou" I moaned back
I went faster hitting the bundle of nerves)
The dream kept on coming to my mind and I know I have a boner.
"Hey Li are you alright" said Lou
"Ye...Yea....Yeah" I stuttered
"I be back" I said while running upstairs leaving Lou alone.
(Lou's P.O.V)
I have been noticing that Liam been acting weird around me but I never took it personally till one day that I notice him staring off, like he was thinking of something or someone.
Liam's face would turn red whenever he looks at me.
One day I heard him moaning, I just thought he was watching porn. But that wasn't the case till now, I saw he had alittle problem in his pants. Just thinking about it, it's making me get turned on.
A thought came to my head, I feel bad for thinking this but I need to.
I decided to finish playing the game, I won of course haha.
I went upstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat.
I was almost done making it when Liam came into the kitchen.
"Hi" he said
"Hey Liam are you better" I asked
"Ye..Yea...Yeah" he stuttered
"Why are you stuttering Li" I asked
"Ummm am not" he said
I didn't want to push it so I continue finishing my food.
Once finished I took my food and went to the front room to watch TV.
I couldn't help but smirk cause before I left I saw Liam's tent, he either watched porn before coming back downstairs or Li has a crush on me, which is wonderful cause I had the longest crush on him since xfactor.
"Hey Liam, come watch TV with me" I yelled while eating my food
I saw Liam slowly walk out of the kitchen.
I padded the seat next to me, while I put my bowl down.
Liam took the seat next to me. My mind told me to start teasing him but I wanted to wait.
"How about a movie Li" I asked him
"Alright" he said
"Go pick one out" I asked
"Okay" he said while getting up and walking over to all the movies we have.
While he did that I couldn't help but to look at his ass, all the dirty thoughts I could do to it went straight to my dick.
I grabbed the blanket and covered myself in it so when Liam turns he doesn't see me palming myself. I could help but let out a small moan hoping Liam didn't hear.
I stopped palming myself once Liam turned to me.
"Which movie did you pick" I asked
"I picked Lilo & Stitch" he said while sitting down again
After Liam sat down I lay down putting my head by Liam's thigh.
The movie started and I couldn't get my mind off my throbbing cock. I wasn't really paying attention to the movie but my mind had someone on it.
I pulled the blanket up a little higher and put my hand in my pants palming my dick before wrapping my hand around the shaft. I started to pump myself slowly not to let out any moans. But that was harder than I thought, I let out a small whimper moan out but I tried cover it up with a cough.
"You okay Lou" I heard Liam ask
"Yes" I said while looking up at him
What I saw in Liam's eyes was lust but I could be imaging it.
I looked away from him not before taking a peek at his massive tent.
Which got me pumping myself a bit faster.
All I could think of is Liam pounding inside me, I was close to realising and I am an loud moaner when I come.
I reached my climax I had to bite my lip  while I was coming so Liam doesn't know I was jerking off while watching a movie with him. Once I was done coming in my boxers, I took my hand out and grabbed the napkin that I was laying on and wiped my hand off.
I looked over at Liam and saw he has his hand in his pants with his head tilted back with his mouth opened.
Damn now this is hot and I can feel myself get hard again.
I heard a moan leave him and that went straight to my now throbbing cock.
"Ooo Louis" he moaned while he pumped himself faster
"Liam jerking off about me" I said scaring him
"Fuck Lou, I can explain" he said in a rush
"Then explain to me why you are thinking of me while jerking yourself off" I said with a smirk
"Ummm.... Fuck it, I been having wet dreams about you for about an month now and waking up with an raging hard on" Liam said
"Are you saying you masturbate about whatever you dream is" I asked
"Yes I do, now that I see you all I could think of is the dream I had the night before for about a month" Liam explain
I couldn't help but to smirk.
"Why are you smirking Louis?" Liam asked
"Well I have been also having wet dream about you since about xfactor" I said
"Wait what" asked a confused Liam
"Yea, I had the biggest crush on you since we got into the group" I said
"I don't know about you, I wasn't paying attention to the movie, I had a big problem I was taking care of" I added
"So you are telling me you liked me for the longest time while I just started having feelings for you almost a year ago and you could of asked me to help you with you big problem" Liam said
"Well I didn't want to scare you away if I did asked for help, if you want you can help me with that problem" I said taking the blanket off of me and showing Liam my boxer cover throbbing cock
"Fuck, it feels like one out of my many dream is coming true" said Liam
"Let's make your dreams into reality then Li" I said with a moan
(Liam's P.O.V)
All that's going into my mind is that I need to fuck Lou really badly. I was so into thought that I didn't notice that Lou got up and sat on my lap. He moved his hips in a circler motion making me moan cause it felt really good.
"Li kiss me" he moan
I put my hand behind his head and brought him closer to my face. I connected our lips together. The kiss was slow but picked up. I picked Lou up without breaking the kiss and went upstairs. Once in my room I put Lou down and got on top of him and kissed even more. Damn I love his lips, I want them all over me. I moved my lips to his neck and started to suck on it. I heard him moaned when I got to a spot on his neck.
"Feels good Lou" I asked
All he could do is moan.
I continued to kiss him while taking off his shirt while he took off mine. I left kisses all down his chest to his stomach. I reached his boxer cover cock. I palmed him through his boxers before I put my hand inside his boxers and wrapped my hand around his shaft.
"Fuck Liam, put your mouth on my dick" moaned Louis
I took his boxers off and his cock hit his stomach. I put my mouth around him and took all of him in. I bobbed my head while I touched his balls.
"Liam am close" he moaned
I pulled away from his cock
"Liam" he whined
"I want you to come while I am pounding you" I said while moaning
I took off my pants with boxers while my cock slapped my stomach.
I went to the side of the bed and got the lube and condom, putting the condom on, I looked at Lou and be was touching himself
I slapped his hand away from his cock
"No touching" I growled
"Ready Lou" I said while lining myself to his perfect hole
"Yes Liam put your monster cock inside me" Lou moaned
I pushed my cock inside of Lou, letting Lou get used to my size. When Lou nodded I knew that I can move. I moved my hips slowly but I picked up the paste when Lou got louder.
I kept on going faster till I was hitting Lou's nerves which he got louder.
"Ooo Liam faster" moaned Louis
"As you wish Lou" I moaned back
I went faster hitting the bundle of nerves
"Am close Liam" moaned Lou
"Same" I moaned while reaching my high
Lou let out a moan while he came all over our stomachs, I reached my high and came inside him.
"That's was amazing Li" Lou said out of breath
"Your amazing Lou" I said kissing his head
"What about we do round 2" Lou's said with a smirk
"Alright but let us a least relax for a minute or two" I said
"Alright babe" he said
Let say Liam and Louis were at it till Narry came home ;-)
Lilo (smut)
I hope you all like/love munchie muffins
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Harry is giving Louis a piggy back ride, when Harry felt something poking him on his lower back
Harry and Louis where at a carnival, going on all the rides and winning some stuff animals from the game booths. The day gone pass way to quickly and the carnival was closing.

(Harry's P.O.V)
"Haz" said Louis
"Yes boobear" I said
"Can you carry me to the car my feet hurt" said Lou
"Sure Lou" I said
I told Lou to jump on my back so I am giving him an piggy back ride.
I was halfway to the car when I left something poking my lower back.
"Lou" I said
The only response I got was a little snore from him
Once I got to the car, I put Lou in the passenger seat then I walked over to the drivers side.
I started the car and pulled out of the parking spot. I stopped at the stop light. When the light turned I continued going straight for a mile until I turned left onto the highway.
I wasn't even half way home when I heard Lou make a sound. I looked over and saw he is still sleeping, so I kept my eyes on the road.
Once I got us home, I parked the car and helped Lou out of the car.
"Haz" I heard Lou moan
"Yea Lou" I asked
I didn't get a response from him but a moan. I walked inside and upstairs to put Lou to bed. I took off Lou's clothes but his boxers.
I couldn't help but look at the tent that he had.
"Fuck Harry" Lou moaned out
I was confused until I saw him put one of his hands into his boxers.
I couldn't look away from him while he touched himself, I felt myself growing harder by the minute.
I decided that I couldn't just leave my problem untouched so I pulled my pants along with my boxers down and I start to pump myself.
While Lou was getting louder close to his climax, I was pumping faster so we both would come at the same time.
One last moan from Lou got me going over the edge and I came all over my hand and stomach, while I saw Lou come into his boxers.
I changed into my pj and help Lou put on new boxers, I got into bed and cuddled up to Lou.
Larry (alittle smut)
Hope you like munchie muffins, I haven't done smut in a long time so tell what you thoughts on this

If you want a part two of this one comment

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Where Liam is a husky hybrid and Zayn has a flashback when he saved Liam
(Liam's P.O.V)
"Zayn do you remember the day you saved me?" I said
"Of course bug" he said
"Would you mind telling me again" I said
(Z's P.O.V)
I was walking home one night from work and the weather said it's going to thunderstorm soon. I walked a bit faster but something caught my ears, so I followed the sounds to the park that was across from my flat. I walked into the park while following the sounds till I came across a couple of teenagers beating up someone. Normally I wouldn't get in between them but the person that the teenagers where beating up was a boy about my age maybe a year younger then me. I decided to help the poor lad.
"Hey leave him alone" I yelled
"Why should we, he a stupid mutt" one yelled
What he said made me mad, so I punched the one that was punching the boy. All of his friends left him.
"You better leave before I call the cops on your ass for beating up someone that you don't know" I yelled
The boy got up and ran away. I watched till he was out of sight. I turned to the boy on the ground.
"Hey are you alright" I asked
"Yeah, am used to it by now" he said
"What are you talking about, did they beat you up before" I asked
"No they just saw me and started before you got here, I been beaten up since I was young" he said
"If you don't mind, who beaten you up when you where younger" I asked
"The crazy people who made me" he said
"You mean your parents" I asked confused
"No, I never knew my parents, cause they gave me up for money they needed, so I been made into an experiment" he said
"I see confusion in your face, I was made into a hybrid, a husky hybrid" he added
"Really?" I asked
"Yes" he said while he took off his hat
There on his head was two triangle fluffy ears
"May I" I asked
He nodded his head and I put my hand on his right ear and started to scratch it.
The lad lean into the feeling. I pulled away and I heard him whimper from lose of the feeling.
"Sorry, I like having my ears scratched, I wish my tail was out of my pants so it can wag and be free but I don't want people to look at me weird, call me names or beat me up like those kids" he said
"I would love to see your other husky parts, I already seen your ears, your tail has to wait till your inside" I said
"I am trying to keep my dog side on the down low cause if I didn't I would of been jumping on you" he said while blushing
"Awww I wouldn't mind, because I love dogs, my name is Zayn Malik by the way" I said with a chuckle
"Am Liam, Liam Payne" Liam said
"Do you have any place to stay" I asked
"No, not since I left the place I was made" Liam said
"Would you, want to live with me..if you want" I asked
"Sure, I don't want to be a bother" said Liam
"No you won't, I live alone and it gets a little lonely from time to time" I said
"Okay, I'll take up on your offer" said Liam
"Okay, let's get you to your new home" I said while helping him up
Liam and I walked out of the park and across the street to get to my (our) place. I unlocked the door and opened the door.
"Welcome to your new home Liam" I said
"Wow your place is very big, haha even though I never been in a flat, in my life before" said Liam
"This flat is also your home now Liam, I make an extra house key for you, so when you want to go outside you can, so your not stuck in here all day while I am work"
"You work, where?" Liam asked
"I work at the music/book store just a couple of blocks from here" I said
"I know where it is, I sometimes look through the window to see what kinds of books are out" Liam said
"No wonder you look familiar, I see you from time to time looking in the window but I never see you inside" I asked
"If I went inside I would of been there for hours, reading all the books and I didn't want to get in trouble" Liam said
"I don't think my boss would mind, someone reading all the books" I said with a laugh
Liam just smiled with a giggle
"I will be right back, make yourself comfortable" I said
He nodded his head while I went upstairs to the guest room to put new sheets on the bed and open the vent to get some heat into the room before Liam went to bed, I went to my room and grabbed old clothes that would fit Liam and went to his new room and put them into the dresser, I picked a t-shirt and pj bottoms and I went downstairs to the kitchen to put the kettle onto the stove after I put water into, I didn't hear Liam come into the kitchen till I turned around and jumped.
"Liam you scared me" I said with a chuckle
"Sorry, I saw you run into the kitchen and I didn't know if you need help with something" asked Liam
"No, I put the kettle onto the stove so we can have tea, I fixed up your room and made sure your room is heated cause it's going to thunderstorm and the weathers going to drop, welcome fall hahaha, I also put old clothes that don't fit me anymore in your room and I picked out a t-shirt and pj bottoms that I am going to put an hole into the back for your tail to go through" I explain to Liam
"Alright" Liam said
I went to the drainer to get the scissors to cut a hole into the back of the pj bottoms. When I finished cutting a big enough hole from Liam's tail, I put the scissors down and told Liam to go to the bathroom to see if the hole is okay.
"Ummm Zayn, where is the bathroom" Liam said
"Upstairs and right at the end of the hall pass our rooms" I said
"Okay, thank you" said Liam while walking upstairs
While Liam was changing, the kettle went off for the tea, I decided to pour some into two superhero mugs (batman and superman). I took out some leftover pizza from the fridge and put them into the oven to heat up. When I turned around, Liam was in the doorway looking super cute in my old clothes.
"Hey they fit you, is the hole okay or do you want me to make the hole a bit bigger" I asked
"The hole is perfect, see" he said while turning around showing me his tail
I walked up to him and put my hands on his tail to pet it
Liam turned around and hugged me and I knew from then on I knew we be together forever
"I love that story" said Liam once I finished
"I do also, we been through a lot together, like getting new clothes, getting a job at my work, you buying some books and music with your first pay check, also your heat it was new to me and I didn't know what was going on beside a horny husky humping everything" I said
"I am sorry for that, I didn't tell you when we met, I was really happy that you took me in" said Liam
"It's okay, anyways we had our first kiss together well mostly your first kiss, also our first time together, and you meeting my parents and them loving you well my mum loves you specially your ears and tail, I was glad I saved you from those boys 4 years ago" I said
"I was also glad when you saved me from those brats, if you didn't I wouldn't have met a sexy beast like you" said Liam
"Me a sexy beast, it's you who is, especially when you go into heat" I said with a laugh
"ZAYN!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!" Liam screamed while bidding his face into my neck
"Sorry babe" I said kissing his head
I hope you like munchie muffins, sorry it sucks because I haven't posted these for almost a couple of years, I believed I slowly shy away from doing them, I had a Lirry one but I can't find it
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i have brown long hair, blue eyes, n glasses

computer, drawing, cosplaying etc

one direction, little mix, ed sheeran, emblem 3, fifth harmony,turisas, equilibruim, slipknot, metallica, AFI, blaqk audio, DOT DOT DOT, paramore, godsmack, good charlotte, green day, gym class heroes, sublime, from first to last, fall out boy, cradle of filth, coheed and cambria, blink-182, bull for my valentine, damone, hunterrevenge, hawthorne heights, 30 seconds to mars, jupiter blue, HIM, linkin park, my chemical romance, mad caddies, panic! at the disco, plus44, simple plan, system of a down, the offsprings, the cure, sum 41, red hot chili peppers, red jumpsuit apparatus, tokio hotel, the beatles, dot dot dot, tegan and sara, the killers, avenged sevenfold, P.O.D, Shiny Toy Guns, billy joel, david bowie, queen, Marilyn Manson, The Plain White T's, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Guns & Roses, All That Remains, Motley Crues, rage against the machine, freezepop, The Explosion, basshunter, Santana, Against Me!, superbus, Tenacious D, korn, Rise Against, The Fray, The Police, tiger army, Evanescence, ZZtops, 3 Days Grace, the used, rob zombie, boys like girls, tim armstrong, Quietdrive, Cartel, Yura Yura, hellogoodbye, flyleaf, Macabre, dragonforce, hex girls

Movies and tv shows:
the nightmare before christmas, sleepy hallow, all part of halloween, freddy cougar Televisionthe simpsons, naruto, tokyo mew mew, scooby doo, powerpuff girls, bleach, blood+, death note, inuyasha, shin chan, beyblade, wolf's rain, salior moon, full metal alchemist, pokemon, digmon, pucca

anime, horror etc

facebook(s):!/kitty.bied…,!/…, and!/…
deviantart group(s): :icon1dfanforever: :iconanimalpetslovers:
so need a cosplay group 

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